Kitkat now on 1/3 phones [platform distribution]

I was just at a workshop today and we did the dreaded 'colours' thing... i.e what kind of thinker are you.  If you didn't realize already, I'm a facts and stats kind of guy (depending if your a  'whole brain' or 'meyers and briggs' or whatever version's out now that colour would change).

So, getting the most recent Android platform distribution stats are always fun for me.

When you look at the recent numbers, what's telling is that Kitkat is now at 33.9%.  That means that if you were to run into 3 Android users, at least one of them is running the most recent version (I'm still not counting Lollipop until it hits non-Nexus).

Some may point out that 5.0 isn't on the list, meaning that it's less than 0.1%.  Well, when you look that this data was compiled based on Nov 24 - Dec 1, the roll out even to some Nexus devices hasn't happened yet (as we're finding out that more and more the carriers are really messing with that roll out).

Although, when you look at my historical data the growth on KK has slightly slowed... but it's still growing.

Gingerbread is still hanging in (approximately 1 out of 11 devices) and Jelly Bean has only declined by 2%, so it's holding a big majority there (at just about half).

Personally, I can't think of ANY devices I've seen that aren't on Kit Kat.  Really straining hard to think of any devices I've seen... maybe some Ace 2 devices?