Google's Material design - Why not take it to the next level?

Google gave the community their guidelines for material design applications, but really, wasn't the concept to evolve it into something more?

Now it's up to the application developers, UX designers, graphic artists to make the next step and bring the next generation of designs in the material world.

I'm always excited to see an application update, especially when it's a graphic aspect, UX design or simply a full on overhaul.

Looking at the current influx of applications following the path of the material world, I have to wonder if there could be more done to the applications to evolve them into something that would WOW the neighbour next door?

Some applications are on the right path. The next-gen applications have kept up with the WOW factor. Let's take note of EvolveSMS, although they did material their application, they've left it's ability to morph into what a user would like to use. You can theme it, you can change the color, you can change the interaction of the application to suit your needs.

You can clearly see that the application allows for full flexibility in the area of user personalization. This isn't the only application that's gone material and beyond.

Have you taken the time to look at the Boxer app? It offers the material design style, but it's unique approach to it.

These are jut example of applications which are evolving into more than just the guidelines that Google provided. This brings me to wonder what other applications have gone beyond the guidelines to give their app the WOW factor?

What do you think are the next big visually stimulating changes that were going see happen?

I'd be interested to see what other applications are readers are using that implements material design in their own way. Why not hit the reply option below and interact with me?