Unlock your LG G3 with Bump!

So, personally I haven't felt the need to flash a new ROM on my LG G3, but having a custom recovery isn't only useful for that.  Yesterday we showed you a way to make any gif into a boot animation.

So getting a custom recovery can be all kinds of important!

Getting one on a non-Nexus isn't as easy as 'adb flash recovery X.img' tho', there's a bit more of a work around.

XDA'er Jared shows us how to Bump! the bootloader with TWRP ... specifically using Flashify.

Remember, you'll need to have Root (remember Stump?), and double check which version of the G3 you have to get the right .img file (I'm using a Rogers version I've unlocked on Bell... not sure if they're the same, but it's the LG-D852).

And there ya have it... a custom recovery to handle any flashable zips you want to, or even start flashing new ROMs (is there an AOSP or GE version?)

Source:  http://www.xda-developers.com/android/lg-g3-locked-bootloader-bump-xdatv