Google Play getting the Nexus 6 tomorrow? [Nov 18th]

We just heard how Rogers was opening up pre-orders for the Nexus 6, and it looks like the Play Store didn't want to be left out of the fun (I mean they, if anybody, should be selling the phone first).

Well, +MobileSyrup is reporting that on November 18th the Play Store opens up its pre-order as well.

Now, I don't recall the Play Store ever having pre-orders before, rather you were able to purchase, and it just might be 2-3 weeks before it'd be shipped out (just like Nexus Player, which is due to arrive tomorrow!!).

There might be something to it as the Play Store is a little decked out holiday style and usually they don't change much until something's READY.

The phone will be available in blue or white, in either 32GB ($749) or 64GB ($799).  And don't forget that ordering the phone will also net you 6 months free Play Music All Access.  Not bad.

For a list of the specs and how it compares to other flagships of the day, don't forget to look at our database page!