Android Wear OTA 4.4W.2 [I can fully use my watch as a watch now]

So it's been over a month now with my G Watch.  At first it was a bit of learning curve how to use it, or even to adapt my usage based on what it can do, seeing as I was used to the Sony Smartwatch 1 for so long (thanks Tom).

One of the annoying bits I talked about in my earlier review was that in order to get access to information on your phone you have leave the cards up.  Swiping the cards away means you can't get them back.  But leaving them on would cover up part of your watch face.

Every decent watchface uses the whole face... it's a constant battle of 'do I want a good face, or my cards'?

Well, the new OTA update for Android Wear let's you forego that decision battle.  Now you can swipe down the cards to get the whole watch face!

You also get the new update for a card just for music controls (including volume controls).