ZOMG Glass is making its way to Canada!

Slowly but surely we're getting some of the Googley Goodness creep across the border.  Books, Music, ... just a few holdouts left, like Voice and Wallet.

But soon we'll be able to say Glass is 'officially' available in Canada.  Up to now you could not purchase Glass with a Canadian address, and the terms even said specifically that you could not use it in Canada (but there've been many folks who have found ways to get theirs anyways).

IMG_0018But that may change soon.  Over at Google Glass Fans they have the story of a user who got a replacement device, and in the box was a listing for the Industry Canada regulation (IC10395A-XEC... I'm trying to find any information on that where I can).  That never existed before.

Now if you go to Google Glass's regulatory page there's still no mention of it as of yet...but having this kind of information is super helpful to help allow the device to be sold within Canada (or at least use, if we can't have it shipped here).

What do you think?  Would you be ready to purchase now that it's available; or is it too late with other 'wearable' options readily available?

Source:  http://googleglassfans.com/archives/5090/google-quietly-approves-use-glass-canada/