Rats - unexpected replacement ahead S5 mini or Z3 compact?

The traditional cell phone market has really changed in Canada. Going to 2 year contracts was an excellent excuse to boost rates. If I choose to upgrade early I can spend $277 to buy out my S4 plus I have to pick a new plan. I currently spend $63. If I upgrade the plan is $85 for the same amount of data. Yikes. My S4 has an intermittent flickering band along the bottom of the screen. While it's working ok I don't want to be left without a device.

So, what to do; there are so many choices. I could get an Nexus 5, track down an invite to a One plus One, or I could by outright from expansys.ca which seems to have the most current phones unlocked and costs a bit less than purchasing from Bell outright. Problem is I want a smaller screened device without sacrificing performance. Short listed right now are the S5 mini, Alpha and Z3 compact. Maybe a table will help me out. I like to use my device as my main camera unless I am on holidays, I want water/dust proofing and wireless charging capability.

Galaxy Alpha  S5 mini Z3 compact
screen size/display 4.7" SuperAMOLED 4.5" Super AMOLED 4.6" HD IPS
weight 115g 120g 129
Processor Exynos 5 1.8GHz
Exynos 3 1.4GHz
Snapdragon 801 2.5GHz
RAM 2 GB 1.5 GB 2GB
Memory 32 (no SD) 16 GB 16GB
Camera (B/F) 12/ 2.18/2.1 20.7/2.1
wireless charging yesmaybe magnetic
DLNA yesno yes
IP n/a67 65/68

My requirements have apparently changed. At one time I wouldn't have gotten a device without a removeable battery but with my tablets I've learned to live with it. I have a ton of wireless charge plates, including a Tylt one but the main thing is not to have to plug into a microUSB port. It seems that the Alpha is out since it doesn't have the water proofing I would like and even though it has a lot of memory, I'm kind of attached to SD cards.

While I'm partial to Samsung - I've contributed a lot to their profit margin between phones and tablets - I like the Z3 compact. Both +Tom Grey and +Mark Lastiwka like their Sony devices (Z2) although it seems to me that Mark has had some problems with a variety of them.

I guess there's no rush to decide since my S4, which I love, is still working and the Z3 compact isn't out yet. Any thoughts?