myflare is offering 89% off their cloud storage fees [deals]

Remember +CX Cloud?  I do, and I still feel burned by their decision to cease direct consumer options (opting for whitepaper services) and turned their previous clientbase over to +myflare.

I opted not because I went from 275GB on CX to just a few gigs on myflare... but it looks like they want to win us over as they're offering an 89% discount on their fees now.

Keep in mind their fees were pretty astronomical before, but now at just $9/month (or $90/yr) it's not too bad for a 1TB amount, plus they're throwing in some freebie services:

myflare 1TB 4 day promotion flyer

When you compare it to other services (like those found over on our database page) you'll see that at the discounted rate (they've confirmed that it would be a permanent pricing rate for however long you keep the service) it'll be about $0.10/yr/GB, which is a pretty good rate.