Looking at iPhone through Android eyes

The iPhone 6. Quite a beautiful design in my opinion, but is it really enough to swing current Android users to the other side? I can speak on my behalf as a past iPhone loyal fanboy or "Mindless sheep" as some people have turned to call iPhone users. 

Having lived in the iPhone world for 4 generation when the very first iPhone 2G started, my fanboy love hasn't gone away, it has just taken a side step for Android currently. With the release of the iPhone 6, it sparked my curiosity and I was hovering over that "Pre-Order Now" button with the little Angel and Devil over my shoulder

It all came down to whether or not the iPhone 6 was worth dropping $1,000 when I currently own a Sony Xperia Z2. Would there really be an upgrade for me, or would I be throwing money down a tech well, simple to sooth my curiosity.
I ultimately decided against the decision, not because I dislike Apple and their recent ways since Steve Jobs died, or because I love Android so much I get into the wars, but because I thought of all the things I'd be missing out on.

Things I'd miss out on by switching to iPhone 6 over Sony Z2
  • I'd be missing out on Sony's amazing camera, specifically the Timeshift Photos. Similar to HTC's Zoe, I'm able to snap a picture, then find that perfect frame within a span of two seconds. Having a son that never sits still, this is an extremely valuable asset to have.
  • I'd also miss the waterproof aspect of the mobile world. To some people this could feel like a useless feature, and I did too at first. However, once you have it and really get to playing with it, the mobile world changes forever, and you'll never want to be without it again. Texting in the rain, pool selfies with your kids, Slow motion videos at the water parks, I can't express enough how I'd miss all that.
  • NFC sharing. Share the world with your friends, essentially tap to share anything that's on your screen, which my inner circle of friends and family have adopted to do constantly at family gatherings and sharing recently taken photos with a touch.
  • Total customization. As experienced Android user, we learn how to harness the total power of our phones, make them do things others could only wish their phones did with the help of amazing developers on and off the Google Play Store. Walking away from this would a hard thing for many to do. However this customization can also be a bad thing, which I'll explain next.
So these are the main features I'd miss walking away from Android, but what would I gain from going to iPhone?

  • Apple's closed off world, many of us Android users bash that aspect, but that's not always a bad thing to have. Surely Apple's world may be closed off, but this also ensures their users that there shouldn't be many bugs and everything should come together as a harmonious marriage.
  • Accessories... I love my Android phones, but I hate how every single device has a different shape and size. Sure this opens up the doors for all users to get the ideal phone they love, but this in turn closes the doors in the accessories world. Android phones are always changing, and this makes it hard for any company to really focus on one brand in the industry, which means less for us to pick from. This is where iPhone has an enormous upper hand.
  • If Apple knows how to do one thing well, it's brand recognition, they are clearly the masters of that in the mobile industry. A combination of hardware and software made by the same company, with timely updates for everyone across the board that's up to date with the relatively current hardware, where Android users are always asking, "Where's our updates?".
  • Apple is widely accepted around the world, and their Apple Pay is going to be a huge success. Although people like BlackBerry and Android have already took the world by storm with this feature, more businesses will either switch to Apple Pay proprietary methods, or simply enter into the mobile payment world because Apple Pay is now available. 
These are my personal thoughts and unbiased opinion as someone who loves all mobile platforms and has owned and used them all. Apple nearly sold me on the iPhone 6, but my eyes have been trained to see specs, and when I see the specs of the iPhone 6, it kinda makes me pull my hand back a little. For now I don't see an upgrade above my Sony Z2, but who know what the future will bring.

If you're still reading by this part of this giant rambling post, I extend a thanks for hearing me out, and I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments down below.