Installing a new ROM on the G2

I've been using the G2 for a while now, and will soon be opting into the G3 (along with our recent winner) but for a while the G2 has had a terrible GPS issue.  I've been led to reason that the issue is the ROM (as there's several instances of it working before 4.4 update, and then not after).

But how do you install a ROM?  On this device?  I'm used to the whole "fastboot oem flash..." method.  And that doesn't quite work on the LG stuff (or at least I haven't been able to find).  So I was looking for another method and happened along to this article over at XDA.

Essentially with a rooted device you can install the recovery to your phone via this app.  Sweet!  No adb, no fastboot...

Rooting the G2 is very easy with TowelRoot; then install the AutoRec from XDA (for Candians we're looking for the D803_AutoRec.apk).  Installing the recovery is stimple.

Thanks Cloydfa and bender_007 I can now start to looking over which ROMs to use and see if the GPS is fixed.

Any suggestions on the best alternative ROM for the G2?