Ingress Brings "Missions" (another reason to bring you back to the game)

I'll admit it... I'm a habitual Ingress 'quitter'.  I guess this is what smokers feel  like.  I go through phases where it's "this is dumb" or "there's not much for me to do" and I remove the app... but somehow an idle moment allows itself to reinstall it on my phone.

Just as I was starting to get tired of it again (we had an influx of new players and my phone now has a working GPS) Ingress invents a new play element to the game... something we haven't seen since the 'glyph hack' or the medal requirements for L9-16


Missions are, as they sound, simple missions for any player to carry out.  Feel like after hitting L8 or even L10 (man, getting the medals for 11 are taking a LOOONG time) that there's not much else to do?  Well, a mission gives you a purpose to get out there and try something.

Currently Missions are only made by specific Niantic whitelisted folks for very specific areas.  As they roll out more and more, hopefully more verified folks will get whitelisted, and then they can make Missions.  Eventually any L5 verified player should be able to make a Mission.

So what is a Mission?  Essentially a curated 'waypoint' series of hacks or builds that you follow along.  Think of it like a crazy scavenger hunt - some can be set up to do in any order, and some can be set up to only show you step 2 after you've done step 1.

I'm very interested in this, I just hope that it doesn't take too long to get here (before my next uninstall season hits me - I've given Munzee a try and haven't quite the 'point' of that).

currently you can see that hte closest mission is a little out of my daily commute