Hello NomadKey Review - Keeping You Connected

Thanks to the wonderful people at +NOMAD - (helloNomad.com) keeping us in the loop of their greatest and latest products, they've been kind enough to give us some of their new NomadKeys to play with. So we're going to dive into some of my observations while using these nifty little cables.

Carrying a USB cable around at all times isn't practical for the common user, but boy do we ever wish we did when those moments come up... You know those moments I'm talking about... You just discovered your phone has 5% battery left and you need a quick top up, or perhaps you just snapped a bunch of pictures at your grandparents place, but you discover they don't have internet to share them. There's countless occasions where having a USB cable on hand at all times can be a life saver.

For just those occasions, HelloNomad offers us a simple solution.

A NomadKey small enough to attach to your key ring, or even in your wallet without having annoying cables wrapped up and tucked away.

Outstanding durability that'll last under some of the most extreme conditions.

My two year old son got his hands one of my HelloNomad Keys, and began twisting and bending it, I cringed when I noticed what was in his hands, but it just popped back into shape every time he twisted it. As seen in the picture above, I bent and twisted this NomadKey to lay on my portable charger, and the key took every bend and twist I could throw at it.

Having a cable as small as this, that can be tucked away nearly anywhere is something of great value. Not only is it going to come in handy for you, it'll also be something you can use to help a friend when they're in a pinch, as well as cool little tool to show off.

This NomadKey goes $29 and comes in the standard Micro USB for us Android users, as well as a lightning cable version for those iPhone users. They also have a few other products that might interest you such as the NomadClip

Never be disconnected, grab a NomadKey and unlock your full potential.