[Part 2] Battery saver yay or nay? What's your take? [

On my quest for using applications that would help me save some of my precious battery power and make it last longer, I've come to certain conclusions. Looking over the statistics I've recorded over the past week I've been able to determine if it was worth using.

With my latest attempts, I can say that I've been able to conserve only 4% extra worth of battery in a day of usage. No such thing as 50% more battery.

The usual culprits are the screen time, which drains the battery considerably. Even if the device had all radios disabled on a 30mins cycle and enabled for up to 2mins, this made little to no difference in the usage of the battery in a day.

With BetterBatteryStats I was able to conclude that the current app didn't provide any more juice for me to work with. Now if it would have provided say an extra 20% more power that would have been something, but that 4% wasn't enough to sway me.

My own verdict is on the NAY side.