Motorola's holds September 4th event

There's been a lot of talk about what's next for Motorola.  They've had their ups and downs... bought by Google, sold by Google to Lenovo, poorer sales than expected for the X... but they've released some great items:  The Moto X was probably the most underrated product on the market - and I'm surprised it didn't do better!

The Moto E and G were pretty amazing to bring a low cost alternative to the market.

Now it looks like they're ready to release their next line of items at a September 4th event.

If you were lucky enough, you would have received an invite from Motorola for the event in Chicago on the 4th.

The origami (I thought it was a pillow at first) shows some interesting things.  Obviously there's a new X (the X+1), the new G (a G+1??) and the Moto 360 watch.

But the headset?  I wonder what that means.  Pretty much every headset I had used was a Moto one, they were really good.

Obviously there's a great deal of excitement over the 360.  When we asked you what watch you preferred, overwhelmingly the majority of you chose the 360, even before any details were ever released.  And now we're starting to hear some rumours about it's details.