Mini Portable Bluetooth speaker from DBPOWER!

DBPower which you can find on Facebook and or on their Amazon page were nice to send me one of their smallest Bluetooth speaker accessory.

DBPower reached out to me to see if I would be interested to feature some of the products they have to our viewers here in Canada and they gave me a list of various items to choose from.

I decided to go ahead with the smallest Bluetooth speaker that I've seen to date and compare it to others in the similar class. Now bare in mind that this is to be made the most portable possible and obviously it will lack some of the features you'll see in big box portable speakers such like the ones that +Ryan Moore reviewed.

I figured that to display what this tiny device was capable of was to make a small video that you guys would be able to watch and see for yourself.

Now for a unit that goes around for about 12$ you can't really complain about the sound quality. You do get what you pay for, but if you needed something that's really small to cary around with you, it's the perfect traveling companion for those times where you want to watch a movie on your tablet.

The unit also includes a built-in microphone that allows you to actually make and receive phone calls. The quality of it is descent but again don't expect the grandiose sound. It did the job for what it was designed and quite beatifuly at that.

It comes down to portability and convenience. Which ends up working perfectly for what I'd use it for.