Humble Mobile Bundle 6 now up and wants to save you $$

We all love a deal... just today I was hearing about how travel scams are on the rise and the only reason they work is we love a deal.  Sometimes it's just too good to pass up.

Well forget shady hotels and the like and let's talk about a real deal for your favourite accessory to your life; your phone.  +Humble Bundle has their 6th Mobile deal up now so let's have at 'er (

You know the drill:  you can get 3 apps for whatever you want to pay... even if it's just a penny.

Pay more than the average ($4.29 right now) and you get 3 more.. that's right 6 games for about $0.70 each.  And knowing how they work, there'll be more added to the mix before the end happens.  PLUS you get the soundtrax!  (do I sound like an infomercial yet?  STOP THE MADNESS!)

What's up for grabs?

Pay more and get:

I've just got a soft spot for Humble Bundle... mostly because I love deals, but also because I know that some of the money goes to charity.