Change your text notification sounds with every occurrence

So, the other day I had a brilliant idea for an app... I had set my ringtone sound for text messages to be a loon call.  But the problem was that when I got a message it tended to be like several in a row... so it would always be the same sound again and again and again.  Kind of annoying.

I thought it would be cool if there was an app that would be able to change which tone to use between each time it happened.

Turns out that I wasn't the only person who had thought of this brilliant idea as my post had folks show me a bunch in the Play Store.  I settled on "Random Ringtone Manager", it's fairly old, but does EXACTLY what I wanted.

For me, I liked loon calls, so I downloaded a bunch using Zedge (if you have the mp3 options make sure it goes in the /media/audio/notifications folder) and then you load up the app and then you have the option to choose between ringtones or text tones.

In text tones you then just check off which notification sounds you want to cycle between.

If you have tons of sounds you can filter by checking the boxes to only show that group.

So what will happen now is that every time you get a text message it'll randomly choose one of those you selected to play out.  Choose a nice group and it'll be nice to not have a same sound played over and over (I used loon calls... could be 'fox sounds', 'pokemon names') ... something to in the same 'vein' so you know what it's for.

Don't forget to go back to your text messaging app of choice and set the notification sound to just 'silent'.  Otherwise when you'll get the original text notification sound PLUS what you set up in the app.

Here's me showing it off while setting it up.

Get it on Google Play