8Bitdo's NES30 remote controller review

So, +Sylvain Le Bourhis gave his thoughts on this controller the other day, and seeing as how I received one (and we have one to give away on the site coming up) I thought it best to give you my impressions.

Immediately at seeing it you're thrusted back to when you first got to play with the NES.  It was 1984 for me, and my brother had bought it and also bought the gold Legend of Zelda cartridge.  It was so awesome.

The controller is the same shape/size as the original, except it has the 4 buttons and L/R top buttons like the SNES (just not that roundish design of that).

It charges up by microUSB (thankfully... you don't know how many accessories I've seen that use miniUSB still) and you power it on with the START button.  You'll see the blue light on top blink 1x.

You can start it up with other key configurations for other modes if you want to use those.

It also comes with a fancy 'case' for the remote which you can use as a stand for your phone while you play!  Also, inside there's a fancy keychain.

Now, let's use it.  Turn it on and then go into your phone's bluetooth and choose the gamepad and connect.  If it needs a code, use '0000'.

After that go into your game of choice.  Keep in mind that not many games will be able to make use of the game pad.  Specifically those where an axis type controller is needed.  But definitely any of those NES Emulators will work.  I used John NES as Sylvain likes it so much (but I used the lite version).

I did have to go into the app's setting to play with the key mapping, but other than that - works pretty well.

Now, the other modes?  2 are mainly for iOS, the 4th is for a rooted option of having it simulate touchscreen presses.  These are for games that don't use a keypad at all but only on screen buttons... you can make it pretend to be hitting those buttons.

It's pretty awesome, except that playing NES games it's hard to adjust to the 'diamond' configuration of the buttons (I keep wanting to hit horizontally).

Also, when I connected it to my 1+1 it never worked properly.  That phone thought it was an actual keyboard, and if I were to go to a field to enter text no keyboard would show.  Just weird.  [update: Sylvain reminded me that once the device is connected, go into the input settings and select the 'default' option and turn off 'hardware keyboard']

If you want to buy +Sylvain Le Bourhis found a 'fancy' listing for it for only $30.

Do I love this?  For nostalgic reasons yeah... but for an all out better remote I still recommend my Steelseries FREE version.

Source:  http://www.nes30.com/