808 delivers a great bluetooth and wired headset for your device

I do a fair bit of listening to music on my phone.  Sometimes sitting out on my patio with an external speaker, but most often it's chilling on the couch watching a movie on my Note 8 (I've been getting into Penny Dreadful lately), or while I walk about during my lunch time with pinned music of my Play Music.

In either setting I do like to listen to music at its best.  I want to hear all the right nuances and just be 'ensconced' in the experience.  Earbuds just don't cut it.

808 Audio has allowed me to try out a great option - their 808 Duo, which is both a wired headphones - but it's also a Bluetooth set at the same time.  That's great...

I've taken to using it a fair bit at the office when I have time to just work and listen to music (the rest of the office didn't want to have to hear the 2014 World Pipe Band Championships).  So I run it via Bluetooth on the laptop and then when I want to go for a lunchtime walk, I plug in my phone and go for a walk.

The battery should last about 12 hours, but I have yet to really go that length of time before needing a recharge.  It's unfortunate that it uses miniUSB for charging, but beats using my Sennheiser which has its own proprietary charging plug.  MiniUSB is definitely more available... even if it's using one of my many microUSB cables with an adapter.

The controls are a little awkward to my right-handedness (them being on the back of the left earpiece), but that's probably just how I'm used to things.  In a week or so I won't notice.

The carrying case it comes with is nice, and the extra headset cable is cool too, but I always end up using the microphone cord anyway.

It's going to be hard to tell you how it sounds.  But the cushions really help block out the surrounding sound and really allows you to appreciate the music.  Bass isn't as defined as I like but it's not overpoweringly punchy as some headsets try to do to trick you into thinking it's got great reproduction.  Watching a movie on, with simulated surround sound on (the video player on my Note allows that) really does help bring about the full experience.

The cushions work so well that I use them while I go and cut grass with my lawnmower and I can just barely hear the mower; meanwhile the headstrap stays on easily - even tho' there's no adjustment or extensions to allow for a better fit, the tension is just right to sit on my fat head.

You'll have to grab a set and experience for yourself.  For $99 it's a good deal on a 'duo' headset.  There's not many out there that'll do both wired and bluetooth!

Source:  http://www.808audio.com/duo/?sku=HPA89BKMBT