Notific making it's debut on Android devices like a storm [REVIEW]

A new notification centric app is making its debut on Android-powered devices and it's been making the rounds. Unless you've been living under a rock, on screen notification have been a big thing in the past while and people are always looking to get the cream of the crop.

Notific develop by anandbibek on XDA and it's definitely been catching the crowd by surprise.

You won't notice a full fledge sense of features with this app, but you won't be left short of anything. The developer makes a big statement in letting people know that there will be plenty of frequent updates bringing more and more to this app.

It's important to note that this isn't a widget, it sits on top of the lockscreen to bring you the information you need when you need it. If you were to swipe to your right you would then be shown your lockscreen and you'd be able to see the app that generated the notification. Of course swiping to the left will dismiss it.

Checkout the video review!

This notification was designed to make use of the normal functions you would normally see if you pulled your notification drawer down from the top. By that I mean for example that you can hit the archive button for an email or simply hit read on an SMS message that came it. It allows for full interaction.

The application isn't focused on a crazy amount of features, but instead its focus on the quality and the interactivity. This allows for an awesome experience as a user.

The developer indicates that you don't have to worry about battery usage as the app is intelligent enough to understand when to pop the notification display and screen on. If it's in your pocket you won't get the screen turning on all the time for no reason and the fact that it runs on your phone between 2-10mb it definitely doesn't make it a memory hog. There's nothing horrible like an app that waste your processors (cpu) cycles and just hogs your memory.

If your a private and conscious user to some extent, the application doesn't mine your information and doesn't make use of the internet. Therefore, no information from your phone leaks out through this application.

On a personal level, I've been playing around with it for a day or so now and I can honestly say that this might actually become my main notification mechanism for my daily driver. I'm really impressed with everything I've experienced with it. I've obviously made use of the "Blacklist" so that certain apps won't generate notification that I honestly don't need to see.

This allows me to get all the needed information right there and now.

Let's take a dive into the back end of the application and see what you can play with.

Upon launching the application you'll be greated with 3 main items; Notification Access, Background Service and Screen Lock permission. All 3 object must have access in order to have the application work correctly.

If you pull the side bar from the left side you have the Dashboard, Blacklist and Settings. Since we we're just on the Dashboard let's click on the Blacklist. In here you will be able to make the choices as to which application is allowed to generate a notification. There's nothing complicated about this, it's very straight forward.

This now leaves us with the Settings. Again 3 choices for the settings, we have Notification Settings, Sensors Settings and Theme Settings. All 3 of them offer basic options, the one you need to keep an eye out on is Sensor. Not every phone will interact the same way so you may need to tweak the settings if you notice some problems. There's currently no themes but it is in development.

You can give the application a whirl if you head over to XDA and see if it's worth to go to the Google Play Store and get the full version of the application. Interesting enough is that it will only set you back by 1$.

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