Like Scrabble, but hate the board? Wordiest review

So I don't know what kind of gamer you are, but I'm not really much of one.  I like my Mario and Kart, but also my brain games too... I love logic puzzles like Sudoku and Word Searches, Jumbles, etc...

One of my favourite is Scrabble.  Besides being able to come up with cool words the strategy of the game is being able to come up with the 'right' word in just the 'right' place.

Wordiest - screenshotWordiest is just like scrabble, you're given 14 letter tiles, and each have their standard Scrabble scoring points, but randomly thy'll have multipliers like 3W or 2L (if you're a Scrabble player you'll know those as meaning 3xWord value or 2xLetter value).

The idea here is to make 2 words with your tiles.  Try to make as many points as possible.

When the score is tallied you're then compared to others who played the same round.  Based on that you're given a ranking.

Wordiest - screenshotTo make it even more competitive you're given a graph (and you know me and my charts... I love charts).  The chart has 4 quadrant...

Top Right is showing those who were ranked higher than you and scored higher (just tap on a dot to see what words they came up with - use it as a learning experience).

Top Left is showing those who ranked lower than you and beat you (use this as a humbling experience)

Bottom Left is showing those who were ranked lower and you beat them (this hopefully was obvious to you and use it to reaffirm your superiority)

Bottom Right is showing those who were ranked higher than you and you beat them (use these as an ego booster).

You have to watch it to get the full experience.  Here I am giving it a play...

So, if you like word games, give it a try... the Google Play Games sign-in allows you to keep track of your achievements across devices, but not your ranking, unfortunately.

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