How do I use my Android device?

When it comes to using my android device every day it's usually pretty simple. My phone is my primary device for everything I do in general.

It all starts with a solid base and you can't have a more solid base then Nova Launcher Prim or Apex. Honestly two of the really hard to beat launcher. There's a few contenders like Go Launcher EX.

I'm not one to use the standard Android look that typically comes with every handset. I try to customize it as much as I can with whatever is available.

Anything from the clock to the notification bar. Make it your own.

Sad to say that people even today don't understand that with Android it's not about being XYZ is about making it your own experience and get people to say WOW.

Let's start running down the items I use on a regular basis. Yeah I have a phone icon but at the most in the month I'll maybe use the phone for 30mins at the most. My smartphone is really not being used a telephone device.

I'll be using text messages, emails. Now here's the part that probably most of you won't know from looking at my home screen, but I'm using hidden folders to store the various apps I use often. Before I go forward it's important to know that my internet icon is linked to chrome, the camera is linked to the Google camera app, email is CloudMagic, messages is stock CM11 sms app. Now this is currently but that could change by tomorrow morning.

I'm always playing around with apps so this may change.

Check these screen captures right below:

I use 2 folders one tools and one social. From the different apps I have in each one of them  your able to understand my logic behind it. These are the most used apps on my phone at any given time.

I'm able from here to access all my social apps, pictures, file browser, contact, emails, txt messages, camera etc. By nature I strive to make everything simple for me. People should look at they're smartphone as an extension of yourself and the home computer. There's still quite a lot you can't do from a smartphone due to screen limitation.

Most of us will use our smartphone and make part of our social life, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and so on. We rely on our smartphone as if it was our BFF! If you'd like to take it a step further, we do our online banking, pay bills, transfer money and even pay for a purchase on ebay or at your favourite coffee joint.

Tell me, what do you use your smartphone in your daily life?