SwiftKey is now FREE and has a bunch of new themes

What's your favourite keyboard?  That's a poll I don't think we've done here at this site yet... but if you're like me, your favourite is +SwiftKey

SwiftKey Keyboard

It used to be that SwiftKey was a few dollars.  Not much to pay for a really REALLY good keyboard.  But as of today it's now free to use.  It also now has the option for a bunch more themes, some basic, some fancy (which you'll have to purchase).

It's really good, and probably timely as we see that iOS will now be allowing users to have their own keyboards, and SwiftKey is poised to capitalize that area as well.

If you had purchased SwiftKey already you'll notice that you will get your first Theme Pack as a thank you (see the email they sent around below).

Go check it out:

Cover art
Get it on Google Play

SwiftKey Keyboard
Hello everyone,
Today, we're very excited to bring you a major update to SwiftKey Keyboard in the Google Play store, which includes many new features that are a direct result of your feedback. To mark the occasion we're giving you a gift!
Consistently, our #1 user request is for a wider range of themes, the colors and designs that enable you to personalize your SwiftKey experience. With today's announcement, we're happy to bring you dozens of new free and premium themes, which can be accessed in the brand new SwiftKey Store. This is a great way for us to invest in quality design and let everyone get the most choice with their SwiftKey experience. In today's update there are now 48 themes in SwiftKey Keyboard, and more are coming soon.
To say thanks for your support as a paid SwiftKey user, we're giving you a 'Premier Pack' of 10 new premium themes worth $4.99 for free! Instructions on how to get these themes can be found here.
Additional new features in SwiftKey Keyboard v5 include:
  • Support for over 800 emoji, plus a new emoji prediction feature
  • Optional number row
  • Enhanced Flow accuracy
  • Improved prediction engine
  • More languages
  • ...and much more
To get this new version of SwiftKey, head to Google Play and update for free.
Also, from today, SwiftKey Keyboard will be completely free to download on Google Play! We want to take a moment to give you a bit more information and explain some of the thinking behind this exciting change.
We've come an incredibly long way these past six years, from two university friends with an ambitious idea, to becoming the global best-selling app on Google Play the past two years running. We founded SwiftKey to make it easier for everyone to create and communicate on their mobile devices, and as a company we're working hard to reach that goal.
This is why today we are making SwiftKey free. We believe this change is the best way to achieve our global vision for SwiftKey, as we can now reach many more people around the world without price as a barrier. That said, we want to reassure you that the SwiftKey features you have come to know and love will remain yours.
As a final note, we'll be running a Reddit AMA to discuss the new SwiftKey Keyboard (and anything else you might want to bring up) in the near future. We'll announce specific time and date details in the days ahead, and really hope you'll take part.
Thank you, again, for your continued support,
Jon Reynolds & Ben Medlock
SwiftKey co-founders