LG G Watch pre-orders for $255

I'm hearing that the LG G Watch will be unveiled during Day 2 of the IO... so it's getting really hard to be patient at this point.

+Mobile Fun has just posted on their site a pre-order for the watch at $254.99.

It's no surprise I've been an LG fan lately.  I'm tending toward the G Watch over the Moto 360.  But I'm curious about the price point.

It's more than the Gear Fit (naturally) and less than the Gear 2.  I'm really in a 'fence sitting' position about the price.

It seems priced just right for the other products out there, but will it be what the market can bear?

What do you think?  Is this a good price point, or is Mobile Fun listing a more expensive price for pre-orders?

Source:  http://www.mobilefun.com/45237-lg-g-watch-for-android-smartphones-stealth-black.htm