Bench 2X Faster Micro USB Charging [FollowUP]

Just about a week ago I was talking about Bench 2X Faster Micro USB charging! I was quite surprised to get an email directly from the company and giving me more information and a few pointers.

At the same time I got an email from these kind folks I got my order in the mail as you can see from my picture.

Remember connect USB port from AC power connected notebook PC/desktop PC (it`s best for test).

Do not use USB HUB(USB HUB`s Max electric current is 500mA, can not charge 1,000~2,000mA), besides some Desktop PC`s case, front side USB port is a just USB HUB. (I would assume this to be different for USB 3.0 hub with external power supply).

Make sure to use the USB port at the back of your desktop.
1) Remember switch faster on charging mode. 
2) USB port at the back of the desktop would be your best option.
3) If you have USB Outlets on your wall plug, make sure they are capable of providing 2.1A current.

Basically USB port (PC/ Audio/ Car.. all are same )is 500mA with DATA, and not use DATA mode is MAX

3) it`s a USB standard 

and you can see a basic technical information for USB charging.

   1. We've put chipset into the cable to check for Android or iOS (Different charging method)

   2.We've put circuit chipset to check for electric current (over current check)

Another simple way to test the cable is to connect the Bench faster charger cable (switch  to faster charger mode) to a high capacity battery devices such iPad 4/Samsung Note through your laptop/desktop USB port. Because most of the high capacity battery devices do not allow to charge from any regular USB cable connected to the USB port of your laptop or desktop and this would force you the use the regular adapter that comes with the device which is usually a wallplug.

That said I will be using this cable and checking on it really works out. I will provide full detail of my experience later on.