Android notification at it's best with AcDisplay

This isn't to say that there's not something else out there that will work better for someone else, by all means GO and check them all out! That's what I'm doing on an everyday basis. I don't have a set standard app, style, err... wait... I do when it comes to colors and shiny things!

But that's entirely beside the point now. When it comes to getting on screen notifications, I want to be able to quickly check what's up and if I need to take action.

We are all looking for basic information such as email, text, phone calls, hangout, facebook etc. What we want to know for most of us is the time, weather, battery status and what's going in our social world.

AcDisplay by +Artem Chepurnoy is doing just that. Granted there's a few more things I'd include like the weather condition but that isn't a must for me. What is a must is the ability to see what the notification are and peek at them to see if I want to unlock and check it out or simply move and continue.

By holding my Google+ notification I was able to see a brief highlight of what the notification is about thus allowing to either swipe up and unlock and or leave it be.

Other players on the field for notification are doing similar functions all across. Some innovative, others are just re-doing what's out there by making it even better. I've covered a few others before in the past which you want to check out as well. KnockV2+

The developer did aim to cover a few interesting points in his app. He focused on Active Mode which makes use of your device sensors to wake up your device when you want to use it. The app is very stable and this on various rom's I've used it on. It makes use of all the availability of Android and integrates itself to your lock screen.

What about how this could affect your battery? I haven't seen this go beyond 0.4% of usage throughout a full of me using it at any given time.

There's more to this then you can imagine and the developer is actively working on improving the experience the user gets.

I do like the ability of setting a time a night between such and such hour where I won't see any notifications. You may even consider using the Blacklist to remove applications for which you don't need to receive notifications about which would greatly increase the chances of seeing the right one and now a crowded notification space.

With that said I will leave it up to you to see what works.

Get it on Google Play