Android 4.4.4 is now available

screenshot from +GSM Arena 
Okay, didn't we just talk about a recent update to Kit Kat?  Yup, we did... and several articles on how to install it for folks out there on Nexus devices.

But there's yet another +0.0.1 iteration out now as the factory image page is now showing 4.4.4 for some devices.  I haven't got my OTA yet ... so I can't test it... and there's no Wifi for me to download it here at work and they won't let me install anything on the computer.  So I'm without until I get home.

So what is this minor update do?  Why is it coming out just days before Google IO 2014?  Well, according to +GSM Arena it looks like an OpenSSL bug fix.  Nothing major, but needs to be done.

Besides, as Nexus users, we just HAVE to have the latest... no?

So go get your now at: