ZAGG - Invisible Shield Glass Screen Protector

Zagg Invisible Shield. Protecting top quality devices, with top quality screen protectors, a name that has been trusted for years.
I've had my first Zagg glass screen protector installed on my Galaxy S5, and I'm greatly impressed.

At a price of $44.99 at BestBuy is enough to turn a lot of people away when it comes to screen protectors. However, owning an expensive device like my Galaxy S5, sometimes pitching in that couple extra dollars can go a long way.

Cheap screen protectors can often give you that muddy look, and slightly distort the absolute clarity of your fancy new device. I'm at amazement, despite how thick the glass is, there's no visual distortion at all, in fact if it wasn't for the cut out holes for the device's sensors and camera, you wouldn't be able to tell it was there. Its "Ultra Smooth Surface" gives you the best feeling and ease of swiping, not that somewhat sticky feeling of the Standard Zagg screen protectors can have.

Anyone who knows Zagg knows they back their products 100%. If you drop your phone, smash your car keys on it, or your wife throws your phone across the room when she catches you cheating with that late night mistress, Zagg will replace your damaged screen protector for free.

I'm not saying everyone with a $200 Galaxy Ace II should go and get one of these, but if you've got a $600 phone, you probably want to protect your investment. Don't cheap out on your expensive device, give it what it deserves, give it Zagg.

  - See your local stores for details and professional installation, or visit for more details.