Opo - OnePlus CyanogenMod phones find their way to eBay

Tensions start to rise at the first batch of Opo - AKA OnePlus One phones start finding their ways to eBay.

We all saw this coming a mile away. You release a phone with extremely low availability, and even hard to get one in your hands, the eBay scum lurking from their corners.
We saw this a while back with the HP TouchPad, BlackBerry PlayBook and other various deals where the item was going out of stock, and people where buying them by the pallet full to throw on eBay.

There has been 4 confirmed phones up for sale, all currently around $600 with a buyout of $5,000. These are the 100 lucky winners who won the phones in the Smash the Past event Opo had going.
Of course with the law of supply on demand, the owners can choose what they wish to do with the device, but I can't help in wagging my finger at people that do this.

Can't help but wonder... with 54 Bids at the time of this screenshot, who's actually willing to pay double, if not triple the price for a phone we can have in a months time if we patiently wait?

So that's my question for you. Would you pay extra to get your hands on a phone early? Let us know in the comments below.