LG's new wearables are saleable on May 18th

Wearables are the new in thing for 2014.

Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Gear Neo... Sony Smart Watch 2... Nike Fuel Band... Jawbone Up...

It's no secret that we want our phones to do more, but we don't always want to be looking at our phones.  I love leaving my phone in my back office and then letting my watch tell me what messages come in.

LG has a watch up its sleeve, that's coming soon.  But the Lifeband Touch and their Heart Rate earphones are coming out in a couple days!

Well, at least in the US... I'm hoping to hear if it's available in Canada soon enough (our contacts at +LG Electronics Canada have been busy as of late... obviously making some cool COOL stuff).

So, a set of headphones (which you can wear while jogging or whatnot) that will measure your heart rate for you.  Helping you understand your body and how it's reacting to the workout.  Cool.

The band will work with several different apps to help monitor movement and whatnot.  Tres interessant. Note it'll work with both Android and iOS (so not even brand agnostic, it's OS agnostic).  Still no Endomondo compatibility tho'.

You going to sport one of these accessories during the warmer months?

Source:  http://www.lgnewsroom.com/newsroom/contents/64498