Google's slicing out Docs, Sheets and Slides from the Drive app

Well, I hope that title wasn't misleading... Drive will still have access to editing and creating Docs and Sheets and Slides on its own (for now)... but for those that just want to use Google Drive document files without all the rest of the Google Drive nonsense (I'm being pretty sarcastic here) there'll be separate apps just for that purpose.

I don't get it.

+Google Drive announced yesterday on their blog that there are now separate apps on iOS and Android for Docs & Sheets (slides is coming along later).

I just don't get it.

Maybe it's because I'm a big Drive fan.  I've recently got some others converted to using it, and love hearing when they say things like "wow, that's awesome".

Sure, the Drive app is missing a few features... it's not perfect, but it does exactly what these 2 other apps will do.  If you install just "Docs" you wont' be able to see your other files.  Same if you install "Sheets"... you'll just get the list of Sheet files.

If you want access to your other files, well, download drive, and now you have 2 extraneous apps.

They say that it will help you get to the file faster... but I think opening drive and typing in the search bar is even faster.  So would be the fact that if it's a recently worked on file it'll be at the top of the list (that's how I usually sort my files).

Ah well... I just plain don't get it.

But for those of you who do... here's the links:


Get it on Google Play


Get it on Google Play