SideSync - Linking PC to your Samsung Device

SideSync is a service brought to you by Samsung, and can be found within the Google Play Store, as well as Samsung Apps. This single app will completely integrate your PC to your Samsung Android Device.

You can connect SideSync via USB or through WiFi. once you make that connect with the software from your phone, to the matching software on your PC, the epic marriage will begin.

Once you make the connection, you'll see your phone alive on your computer screen!
You'll be able to completely take control of your phone live with your PC mouse and keyboard.

You may also turn the tables. You can have your Samsung device work as a second monitor to your PC. Scrolling your mouse outside of your computer screen will have it magically appear on your Samsung Android device.

Whether you view your Phone on your PC or as a secondary monitor, you're able to carry over text and various other tasks seamlessly between both devices.

Oh... Yeah you can totally get your game on this way too. Although it's a little tricky using the mouse, if you have a game controller hooked up to your device, this will serve you well.

So there you have it, SideSync for your Samsung Android devices

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