Samsung releases "Level" audio products

Every company does it.  They release a 'series' of products under a brand labelling.

Sony used to have Trinitron.  Panasonic had Tau.

Samsung has loved their "Galaxy" line up (even though I've not been a fan of just adding their number to their generations).  Here's the line ups that they've had already for mobile devices:

  • Galaxy
    • Gear (1-2, Fit, Neo)
    • Note (1 - 3, 8, 10)
    • Q, J, Ace, S (1-5), etc...
    • Tab (1-3, Pro...)
  • Ativ
Okay, mostly it's their Galaxy line up.  Apparently it's their winningest line up.

Well we can add the "Level" line up now.  The Level line up includes their audio accessories.  It comes in 3 flavours

  • Over (the ears)
  • On (the ears)
  • In (the ears)
  • Box (for everyone's ears)

Yeah, I was a little querilous about the difference between "Over" and "On".  But I guess it sorta works (I added the 'ears' part, but it gives you an idea.

If you want to check out the specs of each of the line up you can visit the source link (see below).  Each of them will allow you to listen to media, but also have a microphone to let you make/receive phone calls.  Will be interesting to make phone calls over that loud speaker.

The Over and the Box will use NFC for wireless communications.

Look for them in May... prices have yet to be announced.

What I think is most exciting is that they will work with more than just other Samsung devices ;-)