How do you "Spring" with your Android? [poll]

I don't know what your neck of the woods looks like, but here in Northwestern Ontario we're still going through a nasty cast of "Sprinter" (i.e. Spring & Winter).  Snow that 's just seems to keep coming no matter how much the temps get higher to melt the snow banks.

But the hope is there.  I've not put the shovel away just yet, but I'm heavily eyeing up my bike to make sure it'll be ready to go when it's time.

I love biking to work.  With that change in commute I also change my Android habits some.  I break out my Sennheisers, start really firing up my Google Music playlists, dust off Endomondo for some of my fitness/biking tracking.

So it got me thinking.  What does the changing season mean for your Android habits?  How does it adapt to your seasonal behaviour?  Any accessories that you had put away for the winter now make an appearance?

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