Wanam Xposed

Wanam Xposed, helping you take full control over your Samsung devices.
Wanam, was the guy I always looked for when I had my Galaxy S3, various other Samsung devices. Now he's also been keeping up with his app Wanam Xposed, which allows you to tweak various options of your Samsung device that would be otherwise untouchable.

Some of the more notable features are:
  • Disabling annoying popups.
  • Disabling icons in the status bar, such as blocking mode, Smart Stay, etc.
  • Volume buttons to skip tracks.
  • Video Screen recording
  • 4 Way reboot
  • Various theme tweaking
  • and loads of more options for your creative side to play with.
So if you're like me and love taking full control of your devices, check out Wanam's Xposed.

Get it on Google Play