Text messaging APP galore!

With all these choices for text messaging applications out there it can get overwhelming. It's been a topic that's been visited so many times but never a clear answer as to which app is the best.

The main problem when it comes to finding the so called "best sms app" boils down to personal choice. Each person is going to recommend what they think is the best messaging app in their view.

You'll get anything from crazy full feature app like Go SMS Pro to the boring embedded sms app.

My goal is to come up with a few text messaging app from the low end the spectrum to the high end of it. Why? Because each and every one of us like different things in terms of apps. We have people who are interested in the minimalist approach and some who will prefer the wild wild west of full featured text messaging app.

I myself enjoy a balance of features and ease of use while maintaining a pleasing interface similar to mySMS.

My first choice for a low and minimalist approach to text messaging would be the "Hangout" app from Google. As it comes with the Google application it makes the integration very easy for anyone.

You'll have everything you need in terms of sending and receiving text messages, group messages, pictures, videos and let's not forget emoticons.

You think this is too basic for you? Then why not try out "Textra"? The goal of the app is to be close to stock as possible but giving it a flare for people who like rich content. The app is quite well crafted and provides rich features that should entice almost everyone.

You'll not only find yourself with a text messaging app, but one that provides, emoticons, emoji's, gif, animation etc. Textra aims to be the go to app replacement for anyone.

Why don't you take a look for yourself as to what it has to offer?

I mentioned earlier that I like using mySMS for my texting needs and this stems from the fact that I can also text with it from my tablet, my pc and my laptop. Eliminating the need to run over to my phone every time someone texted me.

What you need to know about mySMS is that it's a full replacement app for your standard text messages. Feature rich interface and design. Your messages are sync across all the platforms you use which make picking up conversation a breeze. If you happen to have other people you know on mySMS you will be able to text them via the web vs using your carriers SMS system, enabling full delivery.

mySMS fully supports emoji's, multimedia messages, group conversation and the likes. Making it one very powerful application for the very busy Android user who needs to stay connected with everyone in their lives.

Why even go with something else right? I've actually started to look at other possibilities and I'm going to move away from mySMS.

Next up on my list of SMS application I have EvolveSMS and by far has been a very big contender on the Google Play store in terms of must have app. This very powerful SMS platform aims to become the only text messaging platform you'll ever need. The design is slick, new and they want you to have fun at the same time. They put a lot of emphasis on their beautiful, smooth interface and ease of use. As many of the other clients it full supports sending pictures, receiving pictures, video and audio messages.

Evolve SMS
When receiving a message you have the option to enable a popup on screen that will allow you to conveniently replay back. A neat aspect about the notification of the app is that they allow you to fully customize it to what you need it to be.

They take it a step further with their lockscreem widget which allows you to effectively have access to your messages, reply and get back to your friends quickly. Making it the perfect companion.

Now to leave you without more options, you can go ahead and theme Evolve SMS with light, dark, darker themes. This isn't your only option, you more choices on the Play store.

You'll have to check out to see all that is has to offer, there's really too many aspect to name, you'll just have to try it out for yourself and see this full feature replacement.

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Android app on Google Play

Android app on Google Play

Evolve SMS
Android app on Google Play