International N9005 Roms on Canadian 900W8 Galaxy Note 3

I've had some great luck when selecting phones recently. My last major rooting and roming project was the HTC One, and we found out that you could flash international roms on the North American models. Being late to getting the Galaxy Note 3, I'm learning we Canadians can also flash international N9005 roms on our Canadian 900W8 devices with a couple tweaks.
I decided to write this article up because finding a direct answer to this is saturated in many other incorrect or outdated comments and/or methods.

You'll first have to get your Galaxy Note 3 on stock 4.4.2, so you'll have the new bootloader and all that good stuff. If you're impatient like myself, and don't want to wait for your carrier to push the "coming soon" 4.4.2, you can use (THIS LINK) to help you get there.
Presuming you've followed the steps correctly in the link posted above, you should now be sitting on 4.4.2 and rooted and ready to go.

So now you can go to the International N9005 LTE roms (FOUND HERE). I personally prefer Omega rom.

You just have to remember to flash (This Kernel) and (This Fix) directly after flashing a new or, or upgrading to a newer build without leaving recovery. Failing to flash these after an International Rom installation will result in a bootloop if you forget the kernel, and dead wifi/bluetooth/nfc if you forget the fix.

It does seem like a lot to remember at first if you're new to the game, but it becomes routine very shortly after. So once again, we Canadians can benefit from the very large international developer supported roms for our devices.