What's coming out of MWC 2014 trenches!

Since midnight we've been seeing a collection of reports about Sony new devices and +Mark Lastiwka was more then happy to share his excitement with us.

If you take the time to checkout his article here :

Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2 Tablet

Somy's Smartband

Xperia M2

You'll understand why this morning Sony's the talk of the community. But not only that, there's already been other brands announcing and flaunting their own products as well.

Let's take a look into that shall we?

Nokia has announced their line of devices as well Nikia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. Familiar pattern here no?

We also have ZTE with the Grand Memo II which looks very promising, although they are a bit more obscure and less well known in the North American market for Canada and the US they seem to be doing quite well in the Asian markets analysis.

With all the exciting things coming out of MWC 2014 this morning even Qualcomm took to the stand to announce their 801 Snapdragon processor which is the latest and greatest until the release of the their 805 processor. You have to wonder what's wrong with all these people....

New and exciting development just keep popping up every few months and this is what keeps us all on edge and connected.

Now that Lonovo has acquired  Motorola, this definitely beefs up the company stand point in the smartphone business, adding 3 new devices to their line up is the S860, S850, S660. From past release there will be a high end, midrange and low end devices which should branch out for everyone's needs.

While most people know of Lonovo for their desktop and laptop serieis in the business world, no one really paid much attention to their grand entrance in the smartphone business which is what I think will give them an edge this year.

An other one of the brands that we've been seeing at some of the local carriers in Canada is Huawei. We can look forward to seeing their MediaPad X1 7.0, M1, Ascend G6 in the mix as well. They have been producing great quality product and interesting skins of their own and it's actually worth to take a look.

This rounds up what I've been up to this morning and hopefully will get to see more goodies. Now I haven't included details about specs and what not as I wanted to touch base with the releases. But please feel free to go around and scoop the details about your favourite one and checkout what they have to offer and pit it against other releases.