Sony's SmartBand gets Release Date

If you were watching CES, you would have noticed that Sony announced that they would be releasing their own version of a fitness wearable, they just didn't know when. Well, Sony has decided to give it a date, and it is extremely soon.

Along with the Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z2 Tablet, Sony will be release the SmartBand (SWR10) this March. If you need a refresher, the SmartBand was basically just a piece of plastic, but the heart of it lay in what Sony calls the core. The core is where all the sensors are located and can be removed and placed in other accessories, depending on your activity. The core is certified IP58, except for it's exposed micro-USB port (there's always a catch).

It will be initially available in black, but will come with an assortment of colours, including a special one for the Brazil World Cup.

The core in the SmartBand talks with your phone via bluetooth and NFC. If you were to move to far away from your phone (>10m), the core will vibrate to warn you that you might have be robbed. It will also measure your sleep cycles and wake you at the optimum time. The SmartBand will also vibrate to let you know if you have calls, messages, likes or tweets.

All this information goes through Sony's lifelog app, which will be available at the same time. The lifelog app is suppose to be about more than fitness, but about cataloging your life. Working with the SmartBand, the app captures all the things you do in the day, whether its going out to eat or watching a movie. Pictures taken at certain times with your phone will be added to the lifelog to build up a sort of journal of your daily life. How this will work is still a bit up in the air, so we will have to see once we get our hands on one.

There is no denying that the wearables market is heating up, so we will have to see if what Sony brings to the table is enough to persuade consumers to go their way.