Quick App Review: Swapps! All Apps, Everywhere 2.2.4

If you missed our last SAH#66 then you missed my #AppColiseum where I talked about putting some ribbons up on your phone! One big popular and very loved feature on AOKP was the Ribbons. You don't want to flash a custom ROM that includes that feature and just want to benefit from them on whatever ROM you're running? Keep reading...

Swapps might be your solution! Swapps acts like a side launcher that's always there for you, no matter if you're on your homescreen or not, you're only a swipe away from switching to another app of your choice!

You can decide to use the Swapps on the left or the right of your screen. From there, it can be centered, at the top or the bottom. Personally I prefer mine on the left and centered. You can pin apps to stay on top of your ribbon for easy access and you can also determine how many recently used apps you want to show up. One nice feature for me is the ability to hide apps from the "All Apps" section so you don't end up scrolling though all the apps you rarely use.

Swapps is fully functional with the free version but if you decide to go pro for a couple bucks, it'll remove the ads and add a few interesting options for customizations from sliding animations to changing the pad or text color or defining the pad width and more! Don't forget, if you go pro, it helps the developper to keep working on the app although it has not seen an update since September 2013. None the less, there's no bug or anything I could think of that should be added in future releases; it feel complete as it is and is fully compatible with the latest version of Android (I'm running 4.4.2!...)

Go ahead and give your phone the love it deserves!

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