Sony SmartWatch 2 - First Impressions

So as some of my followers will know, I recently picked up the Sony SmartWatch 2. Having owned the previous version, I already knew what to expect. Has the SmartWatch 2 exceeded my expectations? Find out in my 48 hour first impression quick review.

The SmartWatch 2 is a bit larger in surface area, but due to the fact it no longer has a clasp at the back of the unit like the first generation did, the watch is a lot thinner.
The screen is pretty outstanding, though of course I'm comparing to other watches and not expecting it to be as clear as our smartphones.
Its 220x176 1.6 inch display feels just right when affixed to your arms, doesn't feel cumbersome.

The touch sensitive buttons at the bottom of the watch allow for easy and a wonderful user friendly experience. Unlike the the 1st generation which required pinching the go back, and other various gestures.

Not to mention the pull down notification bar, which feels right at home for the Android user. You'll also notice a light sensor on the top left corner of the screen to ensure the watch is always at the right brightness.

I'm extremely happy with the battery life. I have most of the common extensions installed, and I'm currently ending days 2, and it appears I'm sitting pretty at around 70%. Sony advertises 3-4 days, but it seems it'll last quite a bit longer than that.

When it comes to installing extensions for your Sony SmartWatch 2, nearly all of the old ones you may have used on the 1st generation have all been updated for the 2nd generation. I came across only 1 extension which appeared to be abandoned by the developer, but had many other similar apps to choose from.

Unlike the original SmartWatch, the SmartWatch 2 doesn't require a solid bluetooth connection to be totally operable. Some core features will be lost when bluetooth connection is lost, but the watch still maintains its time and some basic functions.

Final Words 

The Sony SmartWatch 1st generation was pretty good for its time, and was a valuable learning experience for Sony. Now with the SmartWatch 2, they've perfected the design and delivered a SmartWatch that they can truly be happy with.

I haven't gone into great details, as this is only a quick first impression review. If you're looking for a little more detailed information, feel free to leave some comments and questions down below.