Predictions for Android in 2014

This is an article that's been a long time waiting to be written.  I had released my predictions for 2013, and I had full plans to do the same for 2014 in the past few weeks.  But this has been pretty hard to write.

2013 has been a pretty cool year.  I had asked you a while ago about what you thought would be the 'standout events'

Many of you said the Moto X and the rise of Motorola was your favourite, but almost as many said the Nexus 5 and/or Kit Kat.  Interesting stuff to be sure.

But we've also seen the introduction of Nexus-like devices (Google Play Editions) and a rise of a ton of top end flagships.

So what does that leave for 2014?  I'm still scratching my head to be honest.  I think CES has shown us a lot of neat things, and I feel like I'm cheating writing this article after the event.  It is a real glimpse into what we can expect.  So... here's my expectations for the Android realm in 2014:

There's not much we can really improve on, or that I can see needs to be improved on... but like Eric Schmidt had discussed earlier in his predictions is that we've become so SO mobile-centric and 2014 will only embed that even further.

It used to love these Smartphones because they were a mirror of our emails we had on our computers.  Nowadays it's almost completely flipped as it seems novel that our computers can do some of the things our phone does.

So how will we embed this mobile life with our phones even further?  Several ways:

Wearables (obviously)
 Just look at the database of items shown at CES we made.  Tons of smartwatches and bands and glasses.  We're going to see a lot of complementary devices to our smartphones.  Just as we've started to cease using our PCs as a main device we will most likely start using our complementary devices in a similar manner.

I've commented for a long time that apps that are 'device only' are boring.  There needs to be a mirror in some way.  Like Facebook... same service that's on the app and the website.  Dropbox, etc...  More developers will make apps that have complementary website services as well. Additionally you'll find apps that sync between devices (and not just device to web service); just like Google Play Games that syncs your info... or how Timely syncs information between devices.

It's funny how often I'll be sitting in front of my TV but instead of turning on the TV to watch a movie I'll watch something from my tablet (you could say it's just how bad TV programming is, but more accurately it's how easy it is for me to use my mobile device rather than the older tech).  We're going to see more of Chromecast in the coming year, and more of methods to mirror our devices on to more screens (TVs or computers).

What else?

  • Well, I have a hunch that due to the rise of the Google Play Editions, and the real introduction of the Cyanogen and CM installer, we might start to see a tool from Google to change a flagship to the equivalent GPE (or v.v.)
  • Kit Kat was announced as having some real minimal requirements, yet the Galaxy Nexus was left in the dust.  I think we'll start to see Google change its mind somewhere down the line that'll get it and, who knows, the Nexus S, the chance to experience it.  Think of the good will it would generate.
  • I'll make the same plea that Canada will get included, but hey... whatever... I've kinda given up hope.
What are your predictions for 2014?