What is OmniROM? (part2)

What is OmniROM? Everyone who's in the Android scene and flashes rom on a regular basis has at least read about it and or heard about it somewhere.

The OmniROM site describes it perfectly: "The goal of Omni is to experiment with Android development because we enjoy it."

Omni isn't here to be better, it's here to be different. If anything it aims a bringing a different experience to the users just like other roms out there. With multiple developers and talented contributors this rom will have a chance to grow, improve, be the talk of town and more.

What sets OmniROM a part from all the others? "Omni isn't trying to bring out features. They're making the ROM the feature by bringing a solid experience to the user." If your looking feature wise, then Active Display for notification would be a major stand point as it's built in.

This trek all began when I decided to move away from the HTC Sense world. I'm one of those few users that hasn't really used sense on my HTC device, so why would I miss it? Well for starters the camera app on sense is just really good but that doesn't mean it's the best. The HTC One still has the Beats audio in it and personally I've never turned it on. I haven't use the HTC Launcher with Blinkfeed because I personally like to choose when and where I'll decide to read the news. That's why Google Newsstand exist.

You can clearly see that it didn't really matter if I was on Sense or not. I began to look at other roms, CM11, OmniROM, MIUI etc. I wanted something that would be different then what I've been use to and well since OmniROM isn't base on any particular variety I opted for it.

I've also enabled ART vs DALVIK and I've noticed quite a speed difference in my transition and application usage. At this present time I haven't encountered applications that I couldn't work with under the ART file system.

This is the underbelly of the Omni, all the features you could be looking for. Bars, menus, notification drawer, active display, home, sounds etc. I'll focus my attention on Developer options and Performance. Under the developer performance this is where you will be able to enable ART, while under performance this is where you can set your CPU speeds, IO scheduler and Governor.

The rest most of you should be familiar with one way or an other. In the mean time, please post your questions and I will answer them the best that I can.