How to Restore a Lost Google Play Book

Google Play Books is an amazing app for Android for reading your favorite novels. Google Play Books manages to capture a person like me who hates to sit and read books, to find my favorite titles and dedicate a little time to read. However, I recently ran into an issue where one of my books disappeared shortly after I had purchased it. No matter how many times I refreshed my library or cleared the cache, it never came back.

After doing some Google searching around and contacting Google Support, I finally found an answer and I wanted to share with you. Searching around forums and such, I realized I wasn't alone with this issue.

It seemed the only way I could find my book was to manually search for the title and click "Read". However, when I was done reading, it would never show its face in my library. Thus, when I wanted to read that title again, I had to repeat the search and click read once again. Clearly this became tiresome and Google's Support team helped me find this answer.

How to restore a lost book:

  1. On your Desktop Computer, go to:
  2. Be sure you're logged in to the account on which you have purchased the book you're looking for.
  3. Click the "Gear Icon" near the top right corner of the screen and choose "My orders"
  4. Locate your purchased book within the list of items.
  5. Once you've found your book, click the "3 dot menu button" and choose "Show or hide from my library".

It turns out my issue was caused by an accident on my part or a system error, but the book had hid itself from my library. Though I owned the book, a command was issued for it to remain hidden.
Finding out how to reveal a hidden book is no easy task for someone who hasn't done it before, this was my reasoning for wanting to share with you all today. I hope this helps all of you like it helped me.

Once again I give thanks to Google Support for helping me with my book issue.