Google Play wants you to vote on the 2013 Favorites

Yes, I get that the title of the article spells it as 'favorites', and we're a Canadian site... so it should be 'favourites'.  But that's the way Google wants to spell it.

However you spell it, +Google Play wants to know what you think yours are.

Obviously a tradition to step back near the end of the year and see what's gone on and reflect.  In fact I've asked you to fill out our survey on 'what stood out in 2013 for Android' in your mind.

But here's what they're asking you to vote on:

  • I Can't Quit You (Most Addictive Games)
  • Old School, Still Cool (Best Franchise Games)
  • Lights, Camera, Games! (Best Games Based on Movies)
  • Quietly Brilliant (Best Apps for Enhancing the Everyday)
  • At Your Service (Best Apps for Booking and Buying)
  • I ♥ Google (Best Google Apps)

Interesting segments to say the least.  Look through them, there's some interesting options.

How many of those apps have you installed in the past year?