Google Now, or Google Not

It's no doubt that Google Now is an amazing tool for our Android devices, but it comes at a price. That price is something some people are not willing to pay, and that's battery life. So if you're not really into Google Now or simply don't know what it is, we can show you how to say "Google, Not Now".

Battery life is amongst the most valuable resource your phone can offer you, it'll determine overall how far you'll be able to go while enjoying your favorite apps. However, some features such as Google Now are a huge battery hog, and if you don't use it often or are simply unaware what it is, you could be burning unnecessary battery life.

Google Now gives you information based on your actions and your current location. To do this, your phone is constantly checking your location in the background. As you use your phone, Google Now slowly becomes more and more active with things Google thinks you'll be interested in or based on your location.
Because it's always polling for your location, you can imagine how this would burn some of your phone's battery while in your pocket.

Using the images above, you can easily turn Google Now off.
By going to the bottom of your Google Now screen, you'll see the menu button. Select settings and toggle Google Now off.

Afterwards, you'll probably want to disable Google Location reporting and history if you have no use for it within, Settings > Location. This will go a long way to keeping your phone juiced up longer.
This method is a no brainer for an experienced Android user, but for others who're just entering the Android world or don't explore around too much, this can be easily overlooked.

So the option is yours. It's either Google Now, or Not right now and preserve that battery.