Canadians... let's ask Google about Google Music, etc...

Okay, Canadians... for far too long we have been silent.  I know I've tried to get answers, and others have pestered other Googlers and so far, no one has been able to get even a smattering of an answer.

Let's not let 2014 become another year Canada is overlooked by our southerly neighbous with all the Googley goodness.  Let's ask questions, and let's do it together.  +Michael Schmidt (a previous fighter for Android in its early years in Canada!  I remember the iwantmyonepointsix) has posted this and I think we need to keep it circulating and everybody pester everybody we can to get answers.  A couple of bloggers working individually has not worked.

+MobileSyrup+Android in Canada Blog, et al... we all need to work with our readers to make our voices heard.