Untappd [Review]

Been meaning to review this app for a while, and seeing as it was my #appcoliseum pick last week, I thought I'd help you get acquainted with it, so you can vote for mine!

What is Untappd?  Think of foursquare meets alcohol... well, just the beer world.

"But, Ryan..." you say, why do we need ANOTHER  social network?

The idea of it essentially is that if you're a bit of a taster, or you like to try something new, or just keep track of what it is that you've tried and want to tell others about.

There's also a little bit of a competitive nature to it, where you can earn 'accomplishment badges' (just like foursquare).

So if you're like me, you probably your 'favourite' but then love just to try new things then this is for you.

At it's heart the idea is to check in whenever you have a drink.  You can look it up by the brewery or by name.

Then once you find it, 'check in' and then give a rating, and you can even include where it was that you drank it (if say there was a pub that was the only place that served it and you needed it to remember).

Additionally you can add a photo of your check in, which will use Aviary on the upload process if you want to edit the photo.

Your profile keeps track of the ones you've had and your tastes.

And, if you want to look at your badges... accomplishments you earn

To add into the 'social' aspect you can add in your friends and tap into your other networks to find contacts (if you want to find me, I'm ryanmmoore)

The point now is that you can have a 'stream' of other friends' checkins.

You could even follow breweries who would post in their stream.

If you're ever in the undecided mood you could just do a search of nearby pubs or brews.

Where I really like the app is that you can look at a beer and find ones that are similar to that one, or find 'suggested' brews.

So, next time you're cracking a brew 'check in', and then more and more it'll start to be able to make suggestions for ya.  I find this is great whenever I'm in the LCBO (which I was hoping that someday there'd be an official LCBO app that lets you check stock) just check the 'suggested' list and see what's in stock.

Source:  www.Untappd.com