[UPDATED] Taking Gmail to the next level CloudMagic

I've been talking about +CloudMagic  in the last little while and I've mentioned that this could and can be a replacement for  your regular Gmail application on your Android right?

So far I've highlighted 2 things with them and I've been advised that it should be released in a future release. Those 2 items that I think are a "MUST" for me was that I wanted to be able to do multi selection from mailbox and just deleted some emails VS having to click on them to read them and then delete or simply archiving them directly.

One of the other things I highlighted with the mail formatting and an example of that is when receiving an email from Facebook the formatting would be skewed. Which this relates on how the html codes is parsed in the application.

So now I'm waiting to see about those 2 options and see if I can find other items that to me should be addressed.

They were more then happy to take my items via twitter when I posted, so I'm looking forward to it.

Maybe your like me and your always looking for the next big thing for your Android smartphone or tablet. Well I literally stumble on CloudMagic and nearly choke myself drinking. It almost felt like this was calling my name. Creepy I know right?

CloudMagic for me is the next level in email service on your smartphone. It's flexibility to have multiple different platform under one roof is excellent. You will be able to load virtually all your default mail services from the likes of Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Exchange etc. You get the idea?

Now if you've already went ahead before finishing reading and your wondering why you can't seem to get anything to load, well how about you wait for the service to finish indexing your mailbox and folders?
Yeah that's right, I'm talking to you impatient people! Don't get me wrong I did the same thing and I was being annoyed at first until I started to read more about the application. Ugh! It has to sync? YUP!

Once the sync is out of the way you'll be able to use your email client like all the others your so use to. It has all the normal features your use to finding in your Gmail app, but what makes this an interesting piece of software it's the search function. If your mailbox is done syncing you'll be able to search all the content and get the information your looking for pretty quickly.

If this isn't what you were expecting, you'll also have the ability to browse all your folders and labels and see what you have. Makes for easy access to everything you'd typically need.

I hope your still following me in this little adventure of mine to find the best mail client. It's all about trying to make your life easier in the end. I don't believe that you'll get an app that going to have everything you need within it, I do however seen developers doing their best to bring what the people are looking for as whole.

The client has a unified mailbox which will allow to see all your inbox content under one roof. Making it easy to see which account it is from.

You can star you email, which is similar to other mail clients which will allow you to set specific reminder for them so that you don't forget about your items. I'm thinking why would I want that? Well it's not all about me right? I personally would simply use the Google Now set reminder feature.

CloudMagic allows you to access your emails whether your online or offline, making it convenient when looking for information while on the go even if you don't have service in the spot where you are located. This might stop some people from pulling the hair off their heads.

Welcome to MagicCloud hope you'll enjoy the application as much as I have these past few days! I know I didn't feature it for my #AppColiseum this week but it was worth waiting to make a small review on the application. If your interested to see other peoples view you can always head over to XDA there's a nice thread on the subject of this application.


Just noticed I forgot to include the Google Play store link: