[Poll] Do you have a 'battery backup plan'?

So as +Martin Guay is getting into his testing phase of his Anker battery, it brings up a good question.  What kind of battery back up are you using?

For me, for years, I've just said "well, I've got a ton of chargers:  in the car, at home, at the office; I won't need to have a spare battery because I won't be long without being able to charge".  But a while ago I ended up getting a nice small Motorola universal charger.  It's only about 1800mAh, but there have been several times now that I've been out and about and there's no potential charging places.  So, it has it's own cable tucked inside itself and I just extract it and plug my phone to it.  It lets it essentially stay at the same charge level for a few hours (more or less, depending on usage).  Came in super handy while in Toronto.  It's nice enough that I can recharge my phone, but this let's me plug a charger into the wall, to the battery, then my battery to my phone -- essentially charging both (but it gets really REALLY warm after a while).

But what's your 'plan B' for when your battery gets low?  Do you have a charger in your purse?  Cables in the car?  Or do you carry a spare removable battery, or a battery pack/charger?  Sound off in the survey below.

Especially as temperatures are getting lower this time of year, batteries get burned through much faster, so something is probably needed...